Andrew Paul Sokolsky

Discover how to be the best partner possible in a committed, monogamous relationship.

Experience more love and satisfaction while both you and your partner meet each other’s needs and desires.

Follow these simple, effective steps and become your partner’s best lover, ever!

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Be your partner's best lover, ever!

If you're in a committed, monogamous relationship, or are single and want to be connected to your future partner in a very powerful way, this book is for you.

If you’re having challenges in your relationship and are wondering how to recapture what you once had, or you simply want to be a better partner and have a fantastic relationship, this book is worth reading.

Follow these effective steps and experience more love and satisfaction as you meet each other’s needs and desires.

This book will enhance your relationship, whether you’ve been together for four weeks or forty years!

you and Your Partner will learn more about:
  • Satisfying each other’s needs and desires

  • Expressions of love

  • The art of listening

  • Healthfully expressing your emotions

  • Making and keeping agreements

  • Being kind to each other

  • Giving compliments

  • Sexual and nonsexual intimacy

  • Speaking your truth

  • Living with integrity

  • Accepting and appreciating each other

  • Ideas for keeping the flames burning brightly

  • How to create and sustain a great relationship


And much more!


Since you already know a lot about love, you don’t need all of what is recommended, but when you pick up even one idea, you’ll be glad that you (or your partner) read this book!


Get ready to hear your partner say to you, “Baby, you’re the best!”



  1.  The Art of Listening

  2.  The “Need to Be Right”

  3.  Being Kind

  4.  Speaking Your Truth

  5.  Expressing Your Emotions

  6.  Giving Compliments

  7.  Living with Integrity

  8.  Expressions of Love

  9.  The Gifts of Time and Attention

  10.  Agreements




11. Satisfying Your Partner’s Needs

12. How to Get Your Needs Met

13Nonsexual Physical Intimacy

14. Sexual Intimacy

15. Acceptance 

 16. Appreciation

 17. What Makes a Relationship Great?

 18. Keeping the Fire Stoked

 19. “Baby, You’re the Best


About the author 
Andrew Paul Sokolsky

Andrew Paul Sokolsky has been a Life Coach for over ten years, assisting his clients as they navigate many of life’s challenges, including relationship issues.


His own life experiences and his success helping others inspired him to write a book that would have as its focus how to be the best partner possible in a committed, monogamous relationship. 


He includes advice that allows a person to show up as an amazing partner, and be a person who lives with integrity, speaks their truth, and knows how to get their needs and desires fulfilled.


Andrew has been in the helping profession for over thirty years as a chiropractor, and in his younger years he taught at San Francisco State University and at Palmer West Chiropractic College.


Andrew enjoys doing private coaching for individuals and couples, writing, public speaking, conducting workshops, and doing his best to be a devoted partner and father.


Private coaching is available for individuals and couples.


Coaching can be done in person at his office in San Francisco, by phone, or via Zoom (online video conferencing).


Coaching is available for 50-minute sessions. The cost varies depending on whether you choose a single session or a series of sessions.


Contact Andrew for details related to private coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements.